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I'm a herbalist by profession, and spend a lot of time creating herbal tinctures and creations in my dispensary. I search throughout the countryside for the herbs that I need and enjoy the sensuality of finding a plant, the scent, appearance, harvesting and bringing it back to my dispensary to transform it into a tea, syrup, hydrosol or tincture.

In my spare time, at nights and weekends, I research my passion - herbal aphrodisiacs. Over the last year I have pretty much perfected my "love potion". I started by experimenting upon myself and quickly found it to be a powerful, satisfying and sensory potion. I really wanted to see if this worked on others and had no problem in recruiting friends and friends of friends to help me test it, and after them dosing themselves, I devised a series of questions and tests to help me ensure that we had a premium love potion! Sometimes the participants would research on their own and feedback to me, sometimes individuals or couples or groups would come round and over candlelight we would drink the potion and wait for it to work... within 15 minutes the pleasure would start to take over and was evident by the interest in each others eyes, hair, skin and intense looks, smiling and talking. Lengthy kissing, nibbling, nipping, stroking, massage and love making would soon follow ending up in a most satisfactory evening for all and the post research results were phenomenal!

Through our devoted and lengthy research with each other, involving lots of getting to know each other, laughs, pleasure and sex, along with my tweaking of my herbal recipe, we have now gauged the exact dosage and herbal combination for my wonderful love potion.
p.s I really have made this potion, so please let me know if you would like to try it¬

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  • tarun

    would love to know its consistence ? and what are the ingredients..

  • M-86

    I must admit, curiosity has got the better of me on this one. I'm rather excited to see this concoction in action. And, perhaps, to subject it to some controlled testing of my own....

  • quasar

    i would really appreciate the recipe and ritual you have come to obtain. Maybe you can teach me? I work a lot with many medicinal plants. Keeping it short for now, lets talk more if your wiling.

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