An Artists Impression

BY Silva Duke
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Entering the room, naked under my robe, I see the usual artists preparing their easels and materials. I place my robe on the table and slowly walk towards the center and begin my first pose.

The feeling of being still, having many eyes studying my body and the relaxing sound of pencils at work make me wet. Normally nobody notices, how horny I get. I fantasize about choosing artists, one - by- one and getting them to touch me and lick my cunt while I pose. While the others draw us.

While I change pose, my pussy dripping wet, I choose a young male artist to fuck me in this position. I want him to drive his hard cock in my pussy, fucking me until he cums all over my body. I want him to go back to his easel and draw me with his load all over me.

After this I pick an innocent looking female artist to strip and pull her into the center. We kiss and touch each other, then I go into another pose and want her to sit on my face.

I want to fuck them all one- by -one and send them back to draw me.

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  • cintia shapiro
    I have had this fantasy so many times! And I must confess I made it come true once and it was amaaazing. And the piece of art too ;)
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