I Make Him Watch

BY Curious
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My confession is all about how I like to fuck other men with my husband in the house. I simply have a rule for him from before we got married: that it's a one way open relationship and that he must understand that or leave me. I love the power and he loves being cuckolded, so it works. I tell my husband to hide before I bring random men home, often from parties. The men never see my husband, he just hides and listens and sometimes watches from a crack in the door or cupboard if he can. I get fucked by many men in different ways - once I even let these two hunky body builder types fuck me at the same time. I also like to make lots of noises and a running commentary for my husband. I never let the men stay, and I never fuck them without him there, as I always get my husband to clean up any mess (cum) they leak onto my body. Sometimes I even squeeze the cum from their used condoms onto me to make sure he can do his job. That is his reward and my reward for him is that I never fuck the same other man twice. You should try it girls, it works... and it's a lot of fun.

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  • 123Moondog

    I hope he can cope...

  • nelsonbob511
    That is so hot and such a fantasy of our !
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