World Without Inhibitions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bandicoot

A fantasy of mine is that by some contrivance or other, the entire world suddenly forgets all inhibitions about being seen naked or having sex. We not only all lose our embarrassment, but we forget that we ever had it, and people gradually realise from cultural and historical clues that we must have previously held this taboo, but we truly fail to understand why. It doesn't mean we have sex with everyone, we just don't mine who witnesses us having sex with our partners.
Immediately whole clothing lines become redundant, for example swimwear. Changing rooms are dismantled, etc. People install their showers and baths in the front room with great views instead of tucked away.
In many cases, people still experience seeing one another naked as a sexual experience, but we have no shame or aversion to that, we just let it be. Men's arousal is visible and public, and our responses to that feeling of arousal are also public and the subject of scrutiny by all onlookers, so (at least in my fantasy) a part of what's referred to as 'rape culture' is addressed really radically by this change.
I would really love to see this explored in a careful but erotic way.