My wife's new dresses

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My beautiful wife recently bought some new dresses. They are quite short, and stretchy, clinging to her like a glove... I dared her to wear them with nothing underneath, the next time we go out together. The idea was that she walks around in public, her pussy wet in anticipation for what is to come when we get home... And when we walk through a quiet area, she can quickly flash her naked butt and hairy pussy, maybe I even can finger her briefly, only meters away from people! And imagine her, sitting on a sunny terrace, sipping white wine, her legs just spread wide enough to show her wet pussy, for the roving eye of a keen observer... Her blush, when she notices a man did take a peek... And all that she does for me, her loving and faithful husband. Tonight, I have to punish her, for indecency in public. She's nervous about that already, but we will both love the experience...