We filmed each other on a video phone

A Sexual Fantasy

— By K&N

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I planned to stay in bed the whole day. We slept long and returned to bed right after breakfast. We watched our favourite series and cuddled. At a certain point we started kissing. He stroked me and it felt very intimate so that I wanted to try something new.

While giving me an amazing blowjob she asked me if I wanted to make a short movie of us having sex. We had already talked about it recently. I liked the idea and so I started filming us with the camera of my mobile phone. It felt so right that we laughed while having sex. During the penetration she surprisingly asked me to hand over the camera.

After I grabbed the camera it became even more intense because he used both hands. I filmed his muscular upper body and his face because I love his expressions during having sex. And of course I filmed his penis getting in and out of me. I also wanted to know how my back and my butt look while doing doggy style. So I gave him the camera back and turned around. The sex was gorgeous but even more beautiful was watching our own video afterwards. It made me horny again and again. I didn't expect to like it so much but it was great to show him what I see and I love to see myself getting fucked, seeing parts of my body in a way I hadn’t seen them before.

I got god damn horny when I saw that blowjob and the ongoing penetration. I had never seen a sex film from woman's point of view before. It was like I could feel what she was feeling.