Visiting a friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alexdiostia

A few months back I was invited by a friend who wanted to introduce me his new girlfriend.

I went to his house to have a glass of Rosé.

The girlfriend was very friendly and wearing a very sexy dress!

At some point my friend went away to get some more wine, and the girlfriend turned in my direction.

We were both sitting at one side of a sofa. She now had the knees towards me. While we talked about the weather and other stuff, I noticed she was slightly opening her legs. I clearly noticed she was wearing no underwear and she noticed me, as she was gently smiling.

I stayed some more time. On my way back home, I couldn't get rid of this picture from my head. Her open legs facing me... I was day-dreaming that she was inviting me to get on her, and taking her wildly on the sofa, and inviting my friend to join us when coming back with the bottle of wine.

She wanted us to take her from all sides on that sofa! but it was only a dream, with a little support from the wine in my blood!

But, when reaching home, I received an sms from my friend. He was asking if i had appreciated the view, with a smiley at the end of his message!!