Untold Truth

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AustinFE

I know she won't tell me about it. It may be fear to what others think, or even what I might think about her. The thing is I know that she likes and also fantasizes about guys with big dicks. I'm 28 and she is 36, I'm sure she has seen and felt bigger and thicker guys than myself. And I'm really OK with it. We had talked a few times about this kind of stuff, and she had told me about her curiosity on threesomes, orgies, big dicks and these type of things. So, as she wouldn't tell me the details about it, I took care of the rest. It took me some time to find the right way, but I ended up on a dating app, secretly searching for guys who would like the anonymous experience of fucking my girlfriend and fulfilling one of her most intimate fantasies. One day, after talking to al least 8 or 9 different men, I finally found the "right one". He was a single guy, from Cuba, who had been living here in the city for just a couple of months. Tall, fit guy, brown skin and full cuban accent. Also, based on his words, a massive 9 inch cock. And equally important, an intelligent and funny dude. So, after talking and arranging a couple of things, I invited him home on a Saturday night for dinner, and told my girlfriend a new friend from work was coming over for dinner. Her answer was "ok, no problem! Do I have to be here?" and my response was "Yes, I would love you to be here". Saturday night, dinner time. New cuban friend arrived home and I could see by the look in her eyes that she found him hot. We had dinner, opened a bottle of wine, and then another one. And what happened afterwards was animal instinct. Just by looking into each other eyes, she realized she could do whatever she wanted with that stranger, who after all was there for her, and only her... To wrap it up.. He was definetly not lying about his size. All I can tell you is that she had a GREAT time, and by the look in her eyes and the words and sounds I heard coming out of her mouth that night, she had the best sex of her entire life. And as I said before, I'm truly OK with it. After all I love her, right?