Two Women, True Tears

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ange

I had this dream last night and I am trying my best to remember every single detail before I leave for work this morning.

A book titled "True Tears" sits on a dusty untouched shelf of a tiny library in an alley. Most of it's pages were ripped out by the previous owner, they had demolished it but not completely. As I looked through the book I saw words that confused me. I hid it under my sweater, thanked the librarian and made a noisy exit as the rusty golden bell on the corner of the door rang. I wanted to know what this book was about and why most of the pages were ripped out. I pondered the title for a good while as I lay on my bed I started to drift into sleep. I was back at the library. I see two girls lying on the floor naked, bodies wet. The room was dimly lit by candles and lamps. A back door opens with an almighty thud, a strange man enters the room then begins to fit them separately with a rope harness around their legs. Both of his hands were teasing each girl and you could see the pleasure they felt was feeding his fantasy. He was attentively listening to their moans until they reached a unison of climax. He was talking to them slowly and gently until they eventually squirted out a long spray into the man's face. His reaction filled the room with euphoria.