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A Sexual Fantasy

— By xlissabonerx

When I was younger, about 15 years old, I saw this beautiful girl, I was amazed by her beauty, and followed her on all social media, but never talked to her. I spent 3 years watching everything she did but I was too shy to talk to her. After 9 years I saw this handsome guy on instagram and started following him, he talked to me one day and we felt a connection from the first day... then I realized after talking a lot with him, he was transgender and he was the girl I was so amazed by when I was 15! I immediately asked him to meet me in another city. We traveled there and from the first moment we saw each other, there was this magic connection. We started touching on the back seat of the taxi that was driving us to the hotel, I lay on his legs and he started touching my pussy. I have never been so wet in my entire life! Once we got to the hotel room we kissed with passion and got naked immediately, I think that's the best vagina I have seen licked and touched in my life. The clit was so big and made my face super wet, we were dripping, it was a whole weekend of amazing sex. The best part I think is when his clit was so hard he could even put it inside of me, that made me cum a lot. Right now he is my boyfriend and we share a lot of fantasies together like we both would love to have cock, so sometimes I use strap on with him and sometimes he uses it with me. He licks my clit like if it was a cock and when he calls my clit a cock I cum really hard!