The Wife's Artistic Nude Experience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By photoguyfromparis

I'm a fashion photographer from Paris. I'm married to a gorgeous woman. We have been married for 9 years and I'm still deeply in love with her. I have done several artistic nude pictures with my wife and she loves being photographed. My dream is to take some artistic nude pictures of her with a nude male model. Some time ago I told my wife that I would like to watch her having sex with someone else, but she doesn't know if she can do it. In my fantasy I would browse modeling agencies with my wife and I would ask her to select a model. Once the model arrives for the photoshoot the three of us would start with some small talk. After getting to know the model a little better, I would ask him to pose alone first where I would snap some pictures of him in his boxers for his portfolio. My wife would be sitting, watching and drinking some wine to calm her nerves. I would interrupt the photoshoot as soon as I had enough good pictures of him and I would ask my wife if she is ready to start taking pictures with him. She would go to the room to remove her clothes and come back to the studio with a robe. I would ask them to stand in front of the photo backdrop, place the strobes and ask them to undress. My idea is to do several poses of them together. Hugging, holding each other in different ways, squeezing their bodies against each other. I would take my time to photograph, suggest poses, fix different light positions. My goal is to see them getting excited and tempted with every touch. After a few hours of rubbing their bodies together, and visible signs of excitement on her part I would excuse myself and tell them that I need to get a new battery or search for a new memory card in the other room. During this time away I would hope that my wife wouldn't resist her urges and start making out and fucking the model. I would give them some time in private and then I would return quietly and continue photographing them while they fuck. It would make me go crazy if my wife would come to undress me after she has had several orgasms. I would have sex with her in front of the model and after my orgasm she would still want another round with the model.