The unexpected adventures of a little black dress

A Sexual Fantasy

— By La Mujer Habitada

I've always felt a lot of sexual tension between a friend of my boyfriend and I so, here is my confession... My boyfriend and I have to dress up for an important event at a five star hotel. It's at night and I decide to wear a little black dress that frames my waist and boobs, black lace high heels and black leather gloves. We arrive at the party and we encounter Lucas, an old friend of my boyfriend that I met a long time ago. We start having a conversation about how much time has passed since we've seen each other. After a while, when we're all a little tipsy, I accidentally say that back then, when I met Lucas, I had a crush on him. My boyfriend, surprised, laughs and says that he already knew because every time that he told me we were going to see Lucas, I would overdress and be all nervous around him. The conversation then turns to Lucas who confesses that he also had a crush on me, and that watching me in that dress and that whole outfit, made him realize that he was still attracted to me; my boyfriend then has this amazing and bold idea, and he tells us that if we agree and are comfortable, he would like to watch Lucas and I have sex. We both agree and we get a room. On our way to the room, in the elevator Lucas starts taking off my gloves with his teeth, and he whispers in my ear that he has always wanted to have sex with me. When we arrive to the room, my boyfriend sits in an armchair and he makes a sign for us to get on the bed, then Lucas starts taking off my clothes, unzipping my dress, uncovering my black lace underwear, kissing my back. Then I ask my boyfriend what would he want me to do to Lucas and he guides me step by step until Lucas and I are completely naked. Then the magic happens, an unexpected erotic spectacle that we've been dreaming of for years.