The Ruzafa, Valencia Callgirl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gaia

We were staying in a hotel in Ruzafa, Valencia. Around 05.00 in the morning we woke up by the sound of suitcases rolling over the laminate flooring in the room next door. It seemed like an early check-in. After a while a woman started to moan softly. The sound developed into more frequent and louder moans. The idea of a hot couple fucking on the other side of the wall aroused me. I could hear them moving across the room in between moments of silence and acts of sexual pleasure. The banging against the wall and slightly squeaking of the bed next to ours ignited my imagination. 'How do they look like' and 'what does it look like what they are doing now'. For the first time a guy started to moan more clearly. The woman had become silent now. Then suddenly fast running and a strong flow of water in the bathroom. Seemed like it had come to a happy ending. "Adiós". As the woman closed the front door, her steps faded in the hallway, down the stairs and out of the hotel.