The Peephole

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alejandro

I'm alone in the hallway of my house. That dark narrow corridor, into which a bit of light comes from the two doors that are 4 meters ahead from me. The nearer to me it is, the darker it gets. It's the evening and I'm home alone, looking at that door, perceiving the sound of the elevator coming up, just right after I heard it going down. Desiring that it stops in a few seconds and that I hear the metal doors open and shut. I silently approach the door, hearing her. I try to open the peephole cover as silently as I did every other time over the last weeks, when I was watching my new neighbor arrive home to her apartment, right in front of my door. She was hot. That face, with those little freckles. Shoulder length hair. Not too long, but not short either. That length that would allow me to softly grab it and kindly pull it, while she would smile for the delectable and gentle movement. That short skirt that she wore sometimes, or those jeans that accentuated her ass. How she slides the keys through the lock. Seeing the light in her apartment and door closing on my desire for her. So shy but at the same time so desirable that one day I would have to be brave enough to try to get her. What would I do? Would I open the door, half naked, showing my naked torso, with my penis, hard, pressing against the loose pants that I wear at home for stretching, and invite her to come in?
But when I opened the peephole cover, rotating it around the horizontal axis on top of the peephole, it suddenly slid from the tip of my thumb, and banged back on the peephole. Shit! Would have she heard it?
I'm nervous, wondering what she might be doing or thinking. Suddenly I hear her touching the door repeatedly with her fingers. I open it. She grabs my hand and she takes me to her apartment.