The Oral-cle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cupid

Eager for instruction, he walked to the entrance of the temple, his black curls skipping to the rhythm of his steps, his muscular, oil-covered torso glistening in the sun. Seeing the oracle in the temple’s entrance hall, he impatiently began to speak, but she just put her index finger on her mouth, proceeded straight to the altar and bent over to inhale the mind-altering gases that streamed from it, her black-brown curly hair covering her body as she did so. After a short while, she rose again, and her body began to dance irresistibly, as if on its own. Slowly and to the rhythm of her dancing, she opened her chiton, letting it slide to the floor. He let his eyes glide over her body, from her sensual breasts to her hourglass figure, from her sex to her long legs and delicate feet. He felt the desire to have her well up in him and his penis rise. She entered the pool in the middle of the hall, then turned around and let her hands glide between her legs, opening her labia with one hand and stroking her clitoris with the other. Her moaning reverberated through the whole hall. While walking to her, he took off his loincloth, making his penis appear in its full size, standing up like the pillars in the hall. Before he could do anything, she signalled him to kneel, and, as he did so, quickly pulled his head between her legs. He instinctively began to lick her labia and to penetrate her with his tongue. Just as quickly as she had pulled him towards her, she pushed him away, and began stroking his penis. She got on her knees and put it in her mouth while she let her tongue play around it, then began to suck and to take him deeper in her mouth than any other woman had ever done before. After this, she came up and mounted him, holding onto him with her arms and legs. He quickly inserted his penis into her and let her slide up and down his torso using his powerful arms. It didn’t take him long to come. As he sprayed his semen into her womb, his mind cleared in a way he wouldn’t have thought possible. He knew exactly what he had to do now.