The Not So Secret Nudist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Uhoh

I’m a closeted nudist and I don’t have anyone to share the amazing experience of going to nude beaches with. I go it alone. It’s incredibly liberating and not sexual at all. Nature is wonderful and scenic. Even though I go regularly, I still get nervous about being seen. I get up the guts to stroll the length of the beach and as I approach the entrance staircase on one end, I realise a girl entering the beach is someone I know. My dance instructor.... we’re the same age, I always enjoy dancing with her, we poke fun when we dance but now here I am most vulnerable. She greeted me, we kiss on the cheek and we walk the length of the beach to my towel like nothing unusual is going on, chatting away. She sets up her towel next to mine. I wasn’t expecting to have a friend join me. But here we are at our towels, she nudes up and I give her space telling her I’m gonna go walk around headland rocks. She speeds up and follows after me, “I’ll come”. I really wasn’t hoping she’d say that. As we climb the headland rocks together, she soon realised why I made an excuse to exit. I’m growing, hard.