The Many Faced Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kiv_91

I was once sleeping with a woman who had the most expressive face I’ve ever seen. She was half Jamaican, half Cuban, with beautiful afro hair. Whenever she was on the phone it was like you could see the entire spectrum of emotions going through her mind just drawn out on her face, but it was so over-the-top sometimes it verged on ridiculous. When we were in bed though. My God. It was insane. Sucking my cock she had these enormous, expressive eyes, and when she had orgasms it was like fireworks. Seeing her expression shift from bored or annoyed to horny was so sexy, it started as the smallest movement in her face and became a predatory almost scowl. And when we were standing in a bar, separate from each other, she’d catch my eye and I could tell exactly what she was thinking. I was always amazed no-one else ever noticed her eyeing me like a ravenous predator.

She ended up being a primary school teacher. Makes sense!