The Lightkeeper

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Calopteryx

Two of my favorite things are thunderstorms and lighthouses and this fantasy incorporates both of those things. I wake up and find myself lost on an island. Confused and disoriented I stare at the ocean, violent waves are crashing on hard rocks as dark clouds roll in. Thunder and lightning awakens my body and puts me out of my paralyzed state. I look around and find a lighthouse in the distance. The rain is pouring down and I ́m running towards the lighthouse to find shelter.

Ones inside the lighthouse I stop and breath in the dark. I can feel my heart pounding, my breath, my wet dress stuck to my body. As my eyes adjust to the dark I see a staircase and a dim light. I follow the light to the top of the lighthouse. Through the panorama windows I can see the storm raging as flashes of light illuminates the darkness outside. I can feel my body awakened by the thunder. I take of my wet dress and feel joints of pleasure as I run my hands over my hard nipples and up my wet thighs.

Then I hear someone breathing behind me and realize I ́m not alone. For some reason I ́m not scared but aroused by the insight that the lightkeeper is watching me. I keep touching myself and soon feel his warm breath against my neck, his hands on my breasts and his hard cock as he presses his body against mine. He licks the water from my wet body and makes me come while the storm keeps raging outside.