The Illusionist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

The Illusionist was wearing a black cloak, like a Domino outfit, at centre stage, and lit by a dazzling light beam. On a table before them, a purple satin sheet covered and drew the outline of a lying body. The Illusionist, the drums rolling, opened her cloak and revealed a small woman's body: a black fishnet body suit, black fishnets too and above all, a huge black strap-on. With a flick of her right hand she lifted the sheet in front of her, which was just at hips level; and there were the snow-white hips of another woman. From the theatre we could see the groin facing us almost to the pubis. The Illusionist, with her left hand, seemed to enlarge the buttocks that the model leaned toward him; he spread them and, using his right hand, he stuck the long rubber dick in the pussy of the woman. A groan of pleasure and pain interrupted the rolling drums and the music of Wagner filled the theatre. The ride began.