The Flatmate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nini

Since the day we met, I have fantasized about my flatmate. When he comes out of the shower just wearing a white towel around his hips, he greets me with "Good morning" and gives me a sly grin. Our hallway is quite narrow and as I pass by him, his arm accidentally brushes one of my boobs. Later, we sit together on the balcony and smoke a cigarette. It's hot and he takes of his shirt. I observe his veiny arms and hands, thinking about what he could do with them. I catch him looking at my boobs. Some afternoons I hear him moaning in his room. He is working out. His sounds turn me on so much that I start touching myself. One day, I could not resist any longer and entered his room. He gave me a look of desire and without a word he started to undress me. Fucking him feels so delicious that I cannot get enough.