Tango: The Lover's Dance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Yana

I have always loved to dance. I've tried different styles through the years. Once I decided that I want to try argentine tango. Dance of jealousy. Very passionate and sensual. Dance for two. I ask my husband to join me & surprisingly (he is not dancing-type of a guy) he agreed. We came to the first class. First words from our teacher were "Tango is a vertical embodiment of horizontal desire". Oh yes, indeed. Music, atmosphere, moves - seems like tango was designed to turn people on. Later that night after we headed home I felt like something was pounding inside me and needed to be released immediately. It was powerful, viscous, dirty desire. We couldn't wait til the bedroom so we entered a department store close by, found a fitting room with large mirrors on every wall and made love to each other. Dancing tango together makes something horny between us. The highest level of tango - is when a woman dances with her eyes closed and a man leads her with his legs and torso. And I had a fantasy where me and my man dancing tango. I am wearing a black tight dress, my eyes are closed, he leads me, intense tango music bouncing inside us. After a round of tango he start to undress me, my eyes still closed. He makes love to me on the floor of a dance class, mirrors are all around us, we can see multiple reflections of our bodies. When the music reaches it's extreme we are climaxing together. A very sensual powerful passionate aesthetic vision of sex.
Argentine tango music here is the main inspiration. Like "El Tango De Roxanne".