Under The Table

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Petrocek

I regularly play poker with a couple of mates. We take it pretty seriously. It's guys only, no girlfriends allowed. Alina, my girlfriends always gets angry that she is not allowed to be present.

Now once when I met with my mates to play in our appartment, she said she would be out with some friends of hers. That was a lie. In fact, she had been hiding in the flat and slipped under the table where we played when nobody watched. Now, as we were playing, I suddenly noticed someone open my pants and take out my dick. I did my best not to let my friends notice, for if they did they would have got pretty angry. Alina, under the table knew it and played with sadistical slowness, making me ever more horny. She used her hands and her mouth in all sorts of way. I've never experienced anything like it before. The whole thing lasted for about half an hour at least, until I finally could not stop me from coming.

My friends realized only afterwards what had been going on when they saw the stains on my trousers. I wonder why they did not notice anything while Alina was at it, because I played cards like a fool and lost a whole lot of money. But I have to say, it was worth every cent of it. It was the greatest orgasm I ever had so far and I still get excited whenever I think of it.