A Sexual Fantasy

— By tonydecatur

I attended college in Chicago in 1962. I took one semester of swimming. The swim classes were technically segregated by gender.

The first day of classes we all had to strip naked in the locker room, shower, come out nude, and stand by the pool. The teacher would be in a speedo, taking attendance, and giving instruction. This was supposed to be a male-only zone, however, we were subjected to being exposed to female classmates and teachers on a regular basis. Once the teacher finished taking attendance, he would call in his office assistant, a freshman girl, to come into the pool area to take his attendance report and bring it to the office. Here we were--all 18-19 year old boys--being forced to stand at attention naked while this girl gets to look us over. Being that young, some of us always had erections, and she got to see it all. By the second week, she didn't even wait to be called by the teacher to come get the slip of paper. She would be in the pool area waiting for us as we entered the pool area naked.

Our female teachers made a regular practice of coming into the pool area to speak to the teacher about some thing or other. They usually positioned themselves so that our coach had his back to us and the female teacher would be able to scan the pool and see all of us. She would get to see our cocks if we were swimming on our backs. We might not even realize that she was watching our cocks if we were in the midst of swimming a lap on our backs until we were done.

After a month, the teacher got a female student teacher who was always in the pool with us. She actually did some teaching, which meant that her hands usually brushed our cocks or asses. She always got to see our cocks up close when she helped us swim on our backs. That attention always made me hard. I found some way for my cock to brush her hand under water, which she returned the favor with discreet squeezing and stroking.