Summer trips

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Conil

The complicity between my wife and I has grown over the years, based on the expressiveness of our emotions and guaranteed by sincerity and mutual trust. It all started a few years ago when I proposed an innocent game for one of her summer getaways with one of her friends to our favorite beaches: I told her how happy it would make me if she talked to me and sent photos of her summer outfits that look so good on her, free from the oppressive underwear. I also suggested that she make me a part of her beach moments - which my wife usually does without the bikini partially or totally. The experience was so satisfactory that year after year, the intensity of the images and writings I received naturally increased. This is how we have arrived at the current moment, in which the highlight of her trips are the photos and videos that he sends me, with the help of his friend to obtain the best viewing angles so that no detail is lost, of the sexual experiences that my wife maintains with a date previously arranged through Tinder or improvised during her stay.