Speedos Cleptomaniac

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MrSpeedos

I train 3 times a week in a public swimming pool. But lately there has been a problem: someone has been stealing my speedos from the locker room while I'm showering. WTF! I decided to catch this fucker. The last time I was swimming I waited until the pool was nearly empty. When I got in the shower, I left my speedos on the floor. When I saw who it was, I couldn't believe my eyes. This gorgeous young woman, on her knees, trying to sneakily grab them. What a kinkster!!

At first I wanted to talk some sense into her, but damn, she was so cute. And the thought of her at home, with her little collection of my speedos... damn I got so hard thinking about it. Talking some sense into her ended up becoming fucking some sense into her on the wet floor of that locker room. Now she's returned all of my speedos. We've taken to swimming together and very much enjoy being the last people in the pool :)