shower thoughts

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jojotime

when visiting a friends place over the weekend i walk into the bathroom and find his mother showering when i open the door. Her having known me for years and not shy of her good figure doesn't mind and even invites me to continue the business i had (wich was brushing just my teeth and washing up). while a little uncomfortable to undress while she is showering i still continue. when she notices that she starts looking and having an interest. she asks me to take my underwear of aswell and since i am aroused by the wet naked body i am hard. with my underwear down she starts commanding me to play with myself while she is soaping up her body. Giving me masturbation commands, telling when to stop, when to go faster, when to go slower and very specifically when not to cum. then she tells me that at the count of 0 i can cum right in front of her. after that she tells me to clean up after myself and walks out of the bathroom in het towel