Shoot Me to My Orgasm

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Daffodil

I've recently started doing erotic photoshoots. I see my photos published on this website, but since the faces can't be seen in the shot nobody knows who it is and this gives me such an intense high! Marks or tattoos are photoshopped out and the pureness of my body remains, dressed with just the right amount of clothing. It´s so thrilling! I love how sexy i look!

So in my fantasy, the story goes further... I'm having this photoshoot, just me and the photographer, and after a long session of some amazingly hot pictures taken, he can't take it anymore. He can't control himself. Watching me naked, focusing on capturing every little detail of my body, the excitement on my face... He puts his camera down and approaches me. Slowly at first, his excitement is too strong, he tries to control it. But slowly, he gives into it and lets it take over him, taking over me as we get lost in this crazy built-up passion of this unimaginable moment!