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A Sexual Fantasy

— By perlerosée

We had been flatmates for a few months now. That evening, we were out in a bar with some friends from Uni. As the bar became loud and our friend's attention caught somewhere else, the conversation got more personal between both of us, she told me that she only experienced oral sex a few times and didn't like it that much. We continued on the topic for a while, and I realised I was a bit horny imaginig her receiving a cuni. I said I couldn't wait for my boyfriend to come the next day, she said laughing "thanks for telling me, i'll plan to be out of the apartment!" and as a joke, I answered that I wouldn't mind her stay and watch how to receive a proper cuni. The next evening, when we got home from the train station with my boyfriend, we hadn't seen each other for 2 weeks and I had told him about this story on the way. We entered the flat, my flatmate's room light was off, her door slightly open. We started making out in the living room, which eventually led to a cuni. Even if I was not sure that she was watching or hearing, I was incredibly horny imagining her watching us, it galvanised me, I was moving and breathing smoothly and freely, as if I wanted to share with her how wonderful receiving this gift could be. After a moment (2 or 15 minutes, I'm not sure), the door rang. My boyfriend and I quickly got back in my room, laughing. We heard my roommate go out of her room and walk to the door, shouting "it's … [her boyfriend], I'll open!" My boyfriend was caressing my skin, wanting to continue where we had stopped. I has half with him, half guessing what was happening out there. Did she invite her boyfriend on purpose? Had she watch? We continued having fun silently together for some minutes, then we began to to hear noises. I went to the door and opened it slightly. My roommate was naked on the table, her boyfriend still with full clothes, fucking her. She was beautiful and sexy has hell. A powerful feeling was going though me, watching her being fucked. My boyfriend approached behind me, I invited him penetrating me.