Sexy Summer Vibes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I just love to see a girl in a one-piece Speedo bathing suit. Although covering most of her body, it is skin tight, following every curve and angle of her body. Imagine one of those beautiful goddesses, emerging from the waves! Water flowing off her body, her nipples peeking through the tight spandex, her pelvic bone emerging like a hill between her tight hips. And maybe, just maybe some curly pubic hairs escape the high-cut leg openings. Then, because she hates the feeling of a wet bathing suit on her body, she removes it in one, casual unhurried movement. Naked, she unhurriedly grabs her towel, and dries her long hair and lithe body. Still fully naked, she slowly applies sun oil over her entire body... yes.. THERE also... Her girlfriend helps her oiling her beautiful back and luscious buttocks... All oiled up, she sunbathes fully nude, leaving a dozen admirers flabbergasted, not knowing what to do with their suddenly too tight bathing trunks... They can only dream, because the girl next to her is her lover!