Sexual Chicken

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The apple of your eye

I stopped wearing my hijab, ironically in the month of Ramadan and going from invisible to seen is jarring and thrilling. My office friend/crush's reaction and how he acts around me now is a turn on as the only thing that has changed is that I no longer cover my hair but still wear the same clothes. He blushes whenever we talk and I overheard him saying to another college 'she was already hot but now I cannot concentrate I SEE her face....its hard to unsee' I had to go to the 3rd floor toilets to masturbate and came really hard. Now I am hyper aware how he looks at me intensely. I purposely missed a button on my shirt just so he could see my transparent bra just to see him squirm and saw he had a hard on as I learned against his cubical and we locked eyes and I left. Yesterday he took my hair out of my shirt and ran his fingers down my neck I nearly came when he looked me in the eye and slowly started smiling. It's like a game of sexual chicken.