Sex with her ex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By smalldick84

I’ve been seeing this girl and it's getting serious. We’re madly in love, but she has a secret crush with her ex. I know something is up, but she hasn’t admitted it. She texts with someone and smiles at those texts, goes to talk on the phone to another room. We are at a party and I see her talking to a guy. She looks so gorgeous in her party dress, revealing just enough to stay in the classy side. I know they have some kind of history together, their chemistry is obvious. I keep an eye on her but don’t want to act all jealous and needy and I keep my distance. When I’m distracted they have vanished.

I circle the house and find myself from upstairs and I hear two people making out and laughing, fooling around. I keep listening and I can hear how things start to heat up. I try and text my gf and here a phone beep in the bedroom. They stop for a while but I get no answer to my text. They continue like nothing happened. I try to imagine what the two of them look like together. My imagination runs wild and I picture every noise and sound in my head, flashes of him and her having intimate and hot sex fill my head. I’m confused and very aroused. I need to find a quiet place to play with myself. I enter the bedroom next to them. I can hear them through the wall and I take out my cock and start to play with it. I picture him using her body like an instrument and he is playing it masterfully. She seems to be in ecstasy. I need to get closer and I find that behind a door is a bathroom connection the two bedrooms. The door at their end is ajar and I need to take a peek.

I watch my girlfriend having amazing sex with her ex. He knows every part of her body and she has the most intense orgasms I have ever witnessed and I watch how they come together and stay in a intimate embrace, almost becoming one. I back away from the bathroom to the other bedroom and finish myself off. I wait for them to return to the party first and follow them. When I meet my girlfriend I give her the most passionate kiss ever and take her upstairs.