Sex with a Ballerina

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mischieftech

I went to school for photography. When I first started I wanted to be a fashion and beauty photographer. But after I answered a local ad looking for a dance photographer to photograph a local high schools dance company, the subject matter of my work changed 180 degrees. This is when I became a dance photographer. For the next ten years the primary subject matter of my work would be dancers, the human body, and movement.

All of the women I photographed are not only excellent dancers, but are extremely attractive. There something about watching them move and giving them directions and more or less, making them my puppet in front of my camera that is extremely satisfying. It's like my own personal erotic performance that I control and am allowed to photograph and film.

I've often been asked by women that I date if I have ever had sex with one of my dancers, or any model I've photographed. Unfortunately the straight answer is no. I was in a relationship with a modern dancer for a year and a half, and of course, I photographed her often, and we had sex often. But it was never quite fulfilling the fantasy.

I have seen pretty much all the "ballerina" porn on the internet, and can say as a photographer of dance, it all sucks. Never do they capture what it is to be with a dancer, to feel their powerful bodies moving under skin softer than silk. To see and feel the movement twisting in your hands, against your body. Sure, they put a porn star in some new pointe shoes and a tutu, but even that can often take away from the experience. Even the broken down, worn out pointe shoes of a skill ballerina adds to their sex appeal. It's a symbol of their talent, and skill, and the time and energy they've put in to their passion.

But to show up on set, just the dancer and me. To be alone in the studio, commanding her movements, watching her dance for me, and then, to be allowed to touch and more...