See me, feel me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pussywhisprr

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with immunodeficiency. Three years of quarantine. Three years without any physical sex whatsoever. At first, I could help myself by watching porn, watching others having sex. But I missed being watched myself. I wanted to be seen too. That's when I noticed a new neighbor moving in across the street. A beautiful young woman with an infectious (pun intended) smile. She always left her curtains open. So I could watch her all the time. Only when she went to bed, she closed them. I yearned for her to notice me too. But my shyness stopped me. I was afraid to make my presence known. So, I devised a subtle plan. As soon as she closed her curtains for the night, I switched on my lights, hoping and fearing she opened her curtains again. I sat there, full monty, gently and lovingly stroking my cock. I could sit there for hours, constantly feeling an intoxicating mix of anticipation and anxiety. One night it happened. As I switched on my lights, I noticed a subtle movement in her curtains. My heart skipped a beat. I held my breath, hoping and fearing she would open her curtains. The curtains were gently pulled apart, revealing her curious eyes. At that moment, my brain exploded. My vision became cloudy. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. When my vision returned, I looked into her eyes. I saw no judgment or discomfort, only understanding and passion. And I noticed she was naked too.