Secret Beach Fondle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Peter

In a summer sunny day, me and my girlfriend were in a naturist beach (of course both naked). We had a sun umbrella and a small beach tent with no door (decathlon ones :)). We were talking and at the same time taking a look at our neighbours; a couple putting protector cream on each others naked bodies; some guys playing rackets with their cocks swinging,...and we got horny. We got up from our towels and I sat inside the tent with just my legs outside. She went inside and lay down; no one could see her from the outside. I pretended to be reading a magazine and she started stroking my penis...from the outside no one could see her hand going up and down. I became more and more excited with it and at the same time I started looking at our naked neighbours, the naked girls with big boobies that were passing near the water ...I stared at their breasts hanging in the sun in slow motion, I stared at the big cocks jumping and jumping from the racket-game guys ....and always more and more excited with my girlfriend continuing the stroking movements. At the same time she became wet and was also touching herself with the other hand ....until...I had an orgasm and I ejaculated so hard on top of the magazine I was pretending to read. At the end we kissed and laughed a lot about the situation!