A San Antonio Room With a View

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kimr2101970

I'm a happily married woman, yet I couldn't deny the attraction with the man sitting next to me in the hotel bar in San Antonio. I was there on a three day business trip and it was my last night there. San Antonio gets hot during the summer, and this evening was no exception. When I got back from my meetings I slipped into a denim skirt and white blouse and decided to have dinner in the bar. The old hotel where I was staying had been restored and I decided to spend my last night enjoying the ambiance there, instead of the crowded River Walk tourist, infected crowds.

Jake sat down beside me and we shared war stories of those of us who travel for a living, enjoying a few margaritas as well. When it was time to leave, we walked to the elevator together and got off on the same floor. Both married, neither of us made a move and I saw him turn the corner as I stepped into the room. I walked to the window to shut the curtain and looked out, just as Jake was about to close his, our rooms across from each other. I smiled and waved. He did as well, then his eyes locked onto mine, before looking me up and down. I instantly knew what he wanted.

I reached up and unbuttoned the top button of my blouse, then the next. Soon my blouse was open and he could see the swell of my breasts and my lacy white bra. Jake stared with open lust and quickly removed all his clothes, revealing a muscular frame and a beautiful, hard cock, probably 7 inches standing at attention. I reached to my side and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the floor revealing my matching lacy white panties. My blouse hits the floor next as I watch Jake grasp his cock and slowly begin to stroke it. I unsnap my bra and peel it off. I rub my fingers over my nipples, so erect that they ache. I spin the chair around facing the window and sit down as Jake begins to stroke his cock faster. I place a foot up on either side of the window and slip my fingers under my panties and into my wetness Just as Jake explodes. My fingers find my clit and I explode as well...