Sailing into pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nelson

Hot sun on glistening flesh, the suggestive application of suncream. Sexual tension was straining against its mooring lines desperate to be let adrift. But the sailing flotilla meant we were constantly in close proximity to the half dozen other crews. The idea of open air sex was something we’d talked about but the reality of others seeing us acted as a strong anchor to passion.
We dropped anchor in the cove alongside the other boats in the flotilla and dived into the refreshing water for a pre-lunch swim, laughing and joking with the other crews.
Revelling in the languid water I risked taking my shorts off and enjoyed the waters sensual caress as others headed back to their boats for lunch.
My wife decided she'd had enough of swimming and climbed back on board. I admired the view as rivulets of water cascaded off her tanned body. I swam a while longer enjoying the freedom of skinny dipping. Risking the few steps back onto the boat I climbed aboard still naked. As I stepped into the cockpit I was greeted with the sight of her sat on the floor. Her bikini in a puddle beside her. With one hand she was tugging at her hard nipples. Her other eagerly playing with her clit.
I was instantly hard.
I crouched down, aware of the boats anchored close by.
She turned round, kneeling up, holding onto the boat’s wheel her naked torso easily visible to any other boat crews who cared to look our way.
She looked over her shoulder at me and simply said 'fuck me'.
I didn't need asking twice. As my hands held hers onto the wheel we delighted in fast hungry sex.
The sensations of hot sun and warm breeze on salty skin made open air sex all we had dreamt it might be. The wild thrill of finally fucking where others might see us was something we hadn’t anticipated.