Revenge Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Curious

After I learned that my husband cheated on me with his secretary, I was desperate to get revenge on him. So what could I do? I did the one thing I knew he would hate. I arranged a meeting with my ex-boyfriend at our home whilst my husband was out. My ex still wanted me, as he kept on telling our mutual friends about how much he missed me. On this day I wore his favourite outfit, a tight black catsuit. My ex was so excited before coming over, he was going on about how much he missed me and my lily white body. As soon as I opened the door he was ripping off my clothes and fucking me on my bed; making good use of his strong brown body. It was great to feel such a large cock in me again, but I told him he had to finish off soon, before my husband came back. He unloaded his cum on my pussy lips and videoed it on my phone, with a shot of the dated newspaper to start off the video. Without washing my pussy clean, that night when my husband got home, I got him to lick me out! Two weeks later, when my husband was away on a business trip, I sent him the video file and turned off my phone. He always hated my ex and knowing that this big brown guy had been with me, I bet he hates him even more now - especially when he saw the date...