Revenge is a dish best served hot!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JaxStone

Based on true events.

My ex and I broke up, and it wasn't pretty. Caroline was possessive and a bit crazy, but smoking hot. Not to mention, she gave the best head I can even imagine. I fell victim to her 'sensual' side, leaving me trapped in her grasps for far too long.
About a week after we broke things off, I received a text from her friend Jen. She asked if I wanted to grab drinks. Caroline knew I had crushed on Jen for a long, long time and she used to lose her mind when I brought her up. I decided to go. She too had just gotten out of a bad relationship, so I thought the company might do me well.
We met at a bar near my apartment. We always had great chemistry so we hit it off immediately. We joked about crushing on each other, and how Caroline used to hate it. I even told her I used to have these hyper-real dreams about threesomes with the two of them and I can't say Jen looked upset about the idea. Hours went past, and we laughed drunkenly. Suddenly, I got a text. We both looked down and saw Caroline's name pop on the screen. We stared at each other in disbelief. Jen came over to my side of the table and I opened the message. My eyes almost popped out of my head. On the screen was a photo of Caroline on her knees with a dick in her mouth. It read "I saw you at the bar with Jen. Remember she'll never suck your cock like I did."
Jen broke into laughter. I couldn't contain myself. "I give great head." She said as she smiled.

Another photo popped up, but this time it was on Jen's phone. It was from her ex. It was Caroline bent over his bed with his little dick in her pussy, and her middle finger knuckle deep in her ass. The message reads, "I'm going to fuck your little blonde friend."

Jen looked upset for a second. Before the night could be ruined, I grabbed her and turned her towards me. "Let's reply."

Jen smiled from ear to ear. We rushed back to my apartment. I set my phone up in video mode. That's the day when I found out, Jen is a goddess.