Question of Size

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Frets

To be brief, I’m an attractive man in my early 50s, spent a lifetime in pursuit of sexual partners and experiences, divorced after a 20 year marriage, and have discovered that my erect penis is small enough to be an issue with many women my age.(4.5 long, 5.25 around, when hard)

Every partner I’ve had, has enjoyed men much larger than me. While I’m an attentive and caring lover who loves to please over and over, I am incapable of offering the sensation to a woman of a long thick hard dick plunging in and out of her pussy.

There are details too lengthy for this post, but my reality has plunged me into a sort of obsession. I image my lovers enjoying sizeable cocks. I masturbate my small hardon constantly, having intense orgasms, thinking of woman after woman, fantasizing about a cuckold existence, jerking off as I watch any woman I’ve been with, enjoying a big one.

From there, I can give you lots of material.

It’s almost like a journey. I want to be closer to the reality of it than I am able to.

I would love to star in my own movie!