Queen, King and Ace

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Karlina

Although being a model for a fetish photographer and an irremediable kinkster is quite satisfying, I have a strong urge to be asexual. I want to know how it feels like. To be devoid of any carnal desire. To experience the state of being more aroused by a beautiful code than by a wanton sight and touch. How would it be, I keep on wondering, to withstand the flow of burgeoning lust around me and yet feel nothing but curiosity, to be a naughty, vigilant upon some voluptuous scene?
There is my flatmate Bethany, a woman of flesh and blood. Fueled by her incessant sexuality, so fiery, epitome of liveliness. Crazy enough to convince me to test what the best method for reaching orgasm is and whether cunt really tastes like seawater. Sex? She simply depends on it.
Her new partner is Owen, a man of intelligence and charm. His rapacious glance makes me feel some kind of ambivalence of what I really am. Friendly, kind, yet a provocative bastard. He wants it. And madly.
Then there is me, Claire. I do not want it. I never have. Yet I am curious to see how it is to want it. Having never experienced desire myself, I want at least to see how these two personalities, who excite me mentally, burn in desire for each other and are overwhelmed by those delicious tremors I can barely fathom. How a trivial orgasm and arousal transcends to something beyond the imagination of my sarcastic, geeky and socially awkward persona. I want to see them making love.