A Public Consummation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Moondog123

From the two far ends of the street, two lovers walk towards each other, naked. They are both cheered on by the crowd. They are the newlywed King and Queen, and they will consummate their wedding in front of their people, on a bed placed on the central square of the capitol. They finally reach each other, kiss, embrace, fondle madly, with the crowd gathered around them. Hand in hand they climb on the bed, having only eyes for each other, the crowd is forgotten. Then, in the bed, they do what newlyweds do: make love to each other in every possible way. The crowd is silent now, in awe of what is happening in front of their eyes. Finally, when the couple is lying on the bed, hand in hand, exhausted, the crowd cheers them. The marriage is finally consummated!