Practice Makes Perfect Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cupid

I had to swallow the first time I saw her. Through her youthful beauty, she seemed innocent in an almost childlike way, but there was also something mischievous about her that I recognised from the start. She was also more than averagely gifted, but from a certain point onward, she stopped practicing. At first, I made funny remarks about it which would then elicit a heart-warming laughter from her, but after a few weeks of this, I didn’t feel like being funny anymore. Impatiently pacing up and down the room while listening to her faulty playing, I blurted out: “Get out! And be better prepared next time! Or else…” She left before I could finish my sentence, giving me a mischievous smile that almost knocked me off my feet. It not only shocked me that she seemed so indifferent to my admonishment, but also that I felt so aroused by it.
When she came back the following week, nothing had changed. “Stop,” I interrupted her, walking up to her seat. My crotch was now at her eye level. Far from being concerned, she gave me that mischievous smile again. Consumed by irritation and arousal, I said “Ok, let’s practice something else then,” and started unzipping my pants, then held my half-erect penis up to her face. The mischievous smile on her face vanished all of a sudden and she slowly but deliberately proceeded to guide my cock to her mouth and to suck its tip. I glided my left hand down the décolletage of her blouse and squeezed her breasts. Then I lifted her up from her seat and put her against the piano that was standing in the room. Pulling down her hot pants, I swiftly penetrated her from behind with quick thrusts. Her moaning while I had my way with her was full of deep arousal. Before I came, I quickly turned her around and with a loud moan sprayed my semen all over her breasts.