At The Pool

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tawlknight

About 6 years ago, my then boyfriend - now husband - and I were training for a triathlon and we often trained together. We were both in our late 20s and could barely keep our hands off each other. It was late afternoon/early evening and we arrived at our neighborhood recreational center pool about 20 minutes before it closed. The lifeguard on duty was an 18 year old girl recently graduated from high school. She knew us and often let us swim a little late since she had closing duties inside the facility after it closed, and always finished before she was done. On this particular night we finished our swim and I was feeling frisky... After we got out of the pool and knowing that we were alone, I began to kiss my boyfriend and slowly kissed down his chest and began kissing his fast growing cock through his speedo. I soon peeled his speedo off and began sucking his hard cock. After a minute or two of sucking cock, my boyfriend pulled me up, bent me over one of the lounge chairs, pulled my suit to the side and took me from behind. It was amazing, as his cock felt bigger than normal for some reason. Or maybe I was just more excited than usual... He exploded inside me and I literally went limp. As we turned to collect ourselves and our belongings there was the 18 year old lifeguard, leaning against the exit door and smiling. She said, "I finished my work early and enjoyed watching the end of your swim." We quickly gathered our things and left. It was embarrassing and thrilling at the same time.