Pleasure and Piss

A Sexual Fantasy

— By newly fetishized

I recently discovered "pee desperation" and instantly fell in love with that concept! There is just something so wonderful about the thought of a girl not being able to hold it in any longer ... the shame ... but also, the relief of the release ... I'm rather submissive myself and would love to have someone force me to drink lots of water and forbid me to go to the toilet ... I would have to hold it in long enough until my master is pleased ... It would be so difficult, and nothing would make it easier ... Jumping up and down, putting my hand between my legs, trying to plug the hole, being forced to drink even more ... But if I release myself without permission, i'll get punished ... Maybe I'll even cry because I'm so disappointed in myself ... I'll just stand there, my hand firm and warm between my legs, while my jeans get soaking wet ... Head bent down. My master laughing at how pathetic I look ...