Please don’t tell the landlord

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Matt01

I got to live this fantasy and it still gets me. We met up just for a romantic walk through the city park at night - the occasional jogger and an elderly couple taking their late evening stroll, their cute little dog in its winter jacket leading their way by leash. My partner and I sat the two of us keeping each other warm in our jackets on a park bench in the shadows. Yes, and we made out gloriously and shamelessly even as they passed us by. Soon enough we started to tease each other, she stole my mint with her tongue and I kissed her down her neck. Our hands wandered...

After a significant amount of time, I walked her home. We had to use the back lane entrance because her landlord is strict on no visitors in the building. As we said our good nights, neither of us wanted to part. She stepped inside and began to close the door, as I stood in the lane way, eyes remaining fixed on each other. Just when she goes to close the door, she reopens it and dares to invite me in knowing it was against the rules. I didn’t want to get her in trouble and I nearly said so, but suddenly my body had already stepped inside and taken the plunge for me. We were then in her tiny one room apartment, undressing each other. For the first time together we were entirely naked and spent the next two hours like this, caressing, kissing and making love (two rounds of orgasms for me). The walls were thin and we could hear the occasional neighbour using the communal kitchen on the other side of her wall. Another occasional neighbour stood by her window for a smoke. We could see his smoke rise by her window above head level. And behind the other wall, another neighbour was probably sleeping. All the while we made love. We tried to keep quiet, she struggled with that. It was the longest I’d ever lasted and the hottest sex I’ve ever had... she was 30 and I was 25. A shame it didn’t work out a couple months later.