Piss and Paint

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nicklust

One day my girlfriend said that she wanted to have herself painted in the nude. I was really keen on the idea. I was alone in my house, and she came over, and we decided to create the painting. She took off all of her clothes, and I started to paint her with liquid colour paints. Watching her stand there and painting her body, I was overcome with a desire to have her. Suddenly, I threw the colour paints all over her body, and started rubbing it into her skin - she loved it. I took off my clothes and we started rubbing it all over each other. We were rolling around in paint on the floor. She started rubbing her pussy on my ass, and then we rubbed our asses together. Then she said - I want to urinate on you. I said, "Do it." She sat down on my chest, and peed her hot liquid all over me. Then she asked me to do the same to her, and I did, all over her, she asked me to do it on her face and I did, and then we were bathing in each other's urine and hugging in the paint and the piss. I licked her body, I licked her armpits and she licked my breasts and my nipples, and finally she moved on top of me, and we fucked, hard.