Photo Shoot

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alexdiostia

I am a hobbyist photographer. One of my passions is to shoot female models in glamour and artistic nude style.

I usually invite them in my apartment.

Once, I had to shoot an amazingly beautiful and easy going model. But it was really hard for me that time, as the shooting was moving forward. During the breaks we had some chatting. I discovered how smart she was, and somehow this probably made us more comfortable.

But it was gradually harder and harder to shoot, as she was shamelessly taking the most seductive and soft erotic poses. At some point I couldn't speak much and I was frenetically pressing the shutter. I was sweating more and more. She asked me if she was doing good. I could only answer with a clumsy "yes, perfect". But at the same time the sweat was blurring my sight. I had to stop and dry my eye quickly. My heart was booming and my dick was hard. I started to wonder if she would give me a sign at some point, that she could be inviting for more; maybe coming closer to me and touch me, or asking me how I would do without the camera, so the nasty part could begin...

That did not happen and I quickly declared the session was over.

After she got dressed she went away. Only then I realized that I started to come in my underpants during the shooting.

Since then I couldn't ask her for a new shooting. My fantasy is therefore a different ending :-)