Phallic Photo Booth

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PhantomLord666

My wife and I have a tradition to visit Berlin for a few days over our wedding anniversary trying to reconnect as a couple away from home and the kids. After a nice dinner on our wedding day we like to visit a little historic photo booth on Checkpoint Charly to take some memorial pictures of ourselves. Late in the evening the area is quiet and we have the booth to ourselves. In the first year we took some nice smiley photos to put into our family albums. Ever since then we have unwittingly started to top last year's pictures by fooling around a bit more every year. First it was a simple kiss, then there were some tongues out in the open and so on. After that we hurry over to our hotel and make love, which has always been really beautiful so far. But I cannot stop wondering how it would turn out if my wife just stayed on my lap after the photos were done. She would feel my rock hard erection inside my pants and would move on my lap to make me even harder. I know how wet this gets her, so I slide my right hand below her dress and inside her soaked cotton panties while my left wanders to squeeze her nipples. I don't even have to rub her clit, just cupping her vulva with my hand and giving a little pressure makes her come very hard. Breathing heavily she reaches for my zipper to free my cock. She slides her panties aside to take me in. I think I can still feel her pussy convulsing from the orgasm, so it does not take long for me to come as well. When we leave the booth to take out our photos there is another set of pictures in addition to the ones we made before - and our faces show exactly what's been going on inside. Has someone heard us and started another photo session or is it simply a lucky misfunction? Either way we have some great memorial photos - they might not go into the family album this time, though!