The Parts of Her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jay B

I am watching her shower, standing in the bathroom in my underwear. She is washing herself, not appearing to notice me, only thinking of getting clean. She uses a cloth to wash her breasts, her stomach, under her arms, and down her legs. At last, she washes her face and closes her eyes. I love watching her in these moments. I've always loved the parts about women that are sensual without attempting to be. I grab the edge of my boxers and pull them down to my ankles. I step out of them and walk towards the shower. Hearing me come closer, she turns to face me and smiles. She looks at my body, also finding beauty in the parts of my body that make me a man. She sees my cock beginning become hard. I step into the warm shower, not yet touching her. She continues to wash her face and hair in the water. The droplets of water fall down her smooth skin. I want to absorb her. I want to devour her. As she faces away from me I kneel down on my knees staring at the parts of her body I adore most. Her hips are lovely and wide, her buttocks is full, her thighs are thick. I place my lips against her buttocks. I kiss the stretch marks, the cellulite, parts of her that she does not know are sexy to me. I begin to lick her with my tongue. I want to absorb her. My hands run up and down her legs. Her feet are beautiful and small. I sit back and give her a soft spanking. She likes it. I do it again, this time harder. I love seeing the water droplets vibrate on her bottom. I spread her buttocks and kiss her there. I place my tongue there, teasing her. She reaches back and pushes my head gently against her butt. I continue to lick and kiss until I can hear her let out small moans. Finally, with my tongue I lick all the way up her buttocks to her lower back and then to her shoulders. She turns around.

We kiss passionately. I rub her breasts together, pulling gently on her nipples. I grab her waist and pull against her love handles. I love these parts of her. She grabs my cock feeling it pulsating in her hands.