my partner F***ING in the night club toilets

A Sexual Fantasy

— By yguzim

My fantasy is that I end up in a night club and spot my partner there dancing and getting drunk. I would watch but keep my distance slowly getting excited hoping that she will misbehave. She starts to make eye contact with some of the men dancing around her. She smiles at one as he eyes her back dancing. I watch, heart pounding as she dances next to this guy. I'm nervous but really excited as I watch. He says something into her ear while placing an arm around her shoulders. My heart races as he slips in for a kiss while she teasingly avoids. She continues to dance at a slight distance but I can see the two of them eyeing each other, her slit starting to moisten a little and tingle. They dance again close together and he slips in locking tongues with my woman. He can taste her acohol laced saliva and gives her his own to suck on. They move over to a darker spot in the club and stay within range. This makes his d*** harden just like mine, watching from a table nearby. She can feel his d*** pressed against her and she softly brushes her hand against it, signalling to him he can explore further. The guy slips one of his hands up her top to feel her big warm breasts bare to the touch under her bra-less blouse. They continue to kiss and fumble together in the dark until she takes his hand and leads him to the mens toilets. They slip inside and lock themselves into a cubicle while I follow carefully into a nearby cubicle. Now my only sense is what I can hear and what I can hear is two soft but serious 'mmm' sounds and what I can sense is extreme pleasure. In my mind they are getting busy and fully exploring each other. His hand slips gingerly under her skirt and knickers met by warm slippery flesh. This sends her wild as she strokes his hard c***. Looking at her heels slightly from above I see her black frilly knickers fall to her feet and I hear her whisper, 'f*** me hard'. I can sense he has started to f*** her from behind. I'm enjoying the moment as they grind each other. I'm hoping he unloads all his c** inside her, my own c*** ready to.